Case Study Analysis

The typical essay length and time period that we are going to practice with is close to 250 to 300 words and they go to practice with about a 20 minute time period for writing addresses okay actually if you notice the slide in front of you it says essay writing zero one so we have three sessions in all and essay writing and in each of these three sessions we’ll talk about different topics different kinds of messes so today we will be talking about factual assists essays which are based on current awareness or the world around you in the next session we will talk about essay writing kist analysis type so when essays are based on case study analysis and then we will talk about essay writing based on abstract essays abstract topics in the third sessions so whenever you log in to an accelerating class please make sure that you’re reading which class it is is it accelerating one two or three right so we’ll go that so typically this is what an SS should be like.

So even though that is slightly a vague thing to say but that’s conveying a point to the idea where necessary is it should pique the interest of a reader somebody who’s reading your essay must feel intrigued must feel like knowing more okay but at the same time he must not get bored it must not be too long it must not be too repetitive it must not be beating around the bush okay so it must be short enough but the same time it must speak his interest he must feel like knowing more about you so si is a very skilled technique it is not that easy to master it will take a lot of practice okay okay before I come to the purpose of an essay let me explain to you briefly there are two types of essay topics okay and and what I am talking about today is essay topics based on facts or current affairs so there are two types of topics in this field.

Okay one set of topics the objective of the essay has to be to explain the topic or to inform the reader the second type of essay will be where your objective of writing the essay is to persuade the reader okay for example if I give you an essay writing service nz topic saying FDI in India suppose your topic wish to be FDI in India well it’s a very simple topic what is this nice is it a persuasion based topic or is it a topic where you have to explain so again the topic is is this a persuasion based topic or is it an explanation based topic absolutely correct it is an explanation based topic you have to talk about FBI they will talk about what FBI means you talk about the status of FDA and you have to explain and inform the reader about FBI in India but at the same time if I were to slightly modify the topic and say FDI in India good or bad so good or bad so again is this and I put a question mark at the end of this topic is this now an explanation topic or a persuasion based topic absolutely this is a persuasion based topic see the difference is very small in fact a lot of times you will not even notice this difference.