Show Your Competence

The best way to understand that you have an understanding of a research career and you’re passionate about it is to talk about your research experiences and to talk about them really richly sound like a scientist not a kid who spent a summer in a laboratory and just kind of occupied his face at the lab bench show your enthusiasm talk the science talk about what you did so in order for us to understand that it’s how you write about research in your essay and again very richly and I’m going to discuss discuss this letters of recommendation that’s a whole nother talk about who should write letters for you definitely a year research advisor professors in courses that you have done well oftentimes students say oh well the TA really knew me well well we’re not just looking for a personality commentary I really recommend you go to the professor the professor will talk to the TA and say so and so it took my class and did X and speaking to the TA etc not everybody agrees with me on this. Learn more about presenting yourself onĀ Robotdon.

But usually the professor has name recognition so that’s why i recommend that so when you do personal statements there are different kinds for different purposes the ones that you do for summer research the ones that you do for graduate school and maybe different yet indeed different yet if you’re doing applying for an md/phd the difference about summer research is that what you want to say say you have someone who’s done two different research projects already and summer research well if you just say i did this and then i did this and now i want to do this then i’m going to sit there and think well they’ve had opportunities maybe I should give somebody else a chance so when you’re talking about summer research and give me a reason for why you need this other opportunity not just I want to do number three but I’ve never had a chance to do computational biology.

I’ve never had a chance to do engineering whatever give me a reason as I’m going to talk a little bit the ones for graduate school and the md/phd have a great deal of overlap but in the md/phd one you’re definitely going to have to talk about your experience in medical settings that lure you to be an MD as well so these personal statements they’re not what you have done in the past they’re not an essay for summer camp you did that in high school it’s not an essay for a creative writing course and not all of it is scientific writing but part of it is so when you think about personal statement the thing that I want to throw is not to take your middle school understanding that this is just a story oftentimes people go to what they were taught in middle school actually which they also did in high school they tell a story it as a beginning a middle and an end and a theme think of this as a report the part about your motivation for science maybe like a story.